Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress

Each girl dreams of her own wedding. Getting to marry her prince charming (or vice versa), feeling like this is the fairytale love story audiences dream about, getting married in an incredible dress. But what most girls get excited about is their wedding dress. Which will it be, long, short, how should the hair compete with it? These are some of the questions a bride to be will need to have answered before visiting our bridal shop in Leicester, in the UK.

Fashion trends are always changing, and if you want to be part of the limelight for this one-of-a-kind day, it’s important to be aware of what is trendy now. It’s also important to try different styles, because your wedding day may not fit how you picture it today.

Absolute Bridal and Formal provides some ideas for you to try out on what you would like to wear. They want you to be confident and share your thoughts so that’s why they made these gowns and outfits. And don’t worry, we suggest this for everyone.

We’re happy to help you find dresses that can help transform your wedding into a fairy tale. Or, if you don’t have the budget for something spectacular, consider something more reasonably priced. We hope you love what you choose!

Get Sophisticated!

This dress is extremely unusual – the lace falls nicely on the upper side of the body, giving it a sophisticated & classy look. We love this one!

Fluff it Up

All women deserve to be seen at their weddings. This dress is the perfect blend of sophistication and loudness; its skirt balances with the corset that your looking for.

A Small White Dress

Whose wedding is it anyway? Spring/summer weddings generally have a lighter, fun vibe and no need for a long dress. Just pick something that goes with the season and cut it down to your stomach line if you want to stay comfy + be different. Your groom will admire your shorter silhouette while appreciating how comfortable you are!


Have you always wanted to choose and design your own wedding dress? If so, don’t worry! This is the dress for you. It is very classy and romantic and will look great on your special day. Isn’t it all about love & passion in life?

Wild But Stylish

White lace is a dramatic appearance for any woman to wear, which will really make your shoulders look extra-sexy in this open dress with no sleeves.

A Little Vintage Style

You’re looking for a dress that makes you stand out from other brides-to-be. But, there aren’t so many options other than what you find at the high street. And, to be honest, they all seem pretty similar to one another. That’s where vintage comes in! Browse through antique shops or online boutiques and find dresses that are different than


You can customise your bridal party dress in any colour or style you desire & have the veil lined. If you want to keep things traditional, this is an option, but it’s up to you what you choose.

Back Revealing

Little simplicity is always hard to find sometimes–especially in times of excess. However, these outfits seem to be on the more conservative side. What makes them perfect for your night out would be their size and length and the variety they provide. There’s something for everyone and you’ll look stunningly chic in just a few hours of shopping!

Contrasting Add-Ons

A strong fabric will make a dress stand on its own without needing to add additional embellishments. That’s why this particular dress is a great choice. It has a high quality material that doesn’t need too much work to look professional and sharp!

Breaking The Rules

It is important that you feel comfortable and confident on your wedding day. Your wedding attire should fit beautifully into your personality & be able to portray the most gorgeous of you you.

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